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Ever been like Facebook and asked what's on my mind? Well here it is. Anything and everything will be here! Sit back, relax and enjoy...
Aug 12 '14
Aug 12 '14
R.I.P Robin M. Williams
1951 - 2014

R.I.P Robin M. Williams

1951 - 2014

Mar 31 '14
Although they fell short, it was a hell of a game #texasrangers #mlbopeningday #mlb

Although they fell short, it was a hell of a game #texasrangers #mlbopeningday #mlb

Mar 31 '14

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rebooted!

OK, so by now I am sure we have all seen the brand new trailer for the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If not, then here is the link:

Now, there are many mixed reviews and emotions. People either hate it or love it. Me personally, I had doubt at first, but after seeing this I am excited to see where it goes. 

Here’s the thing people, just shut up already with all your complaining about Bay “ruining your childhood”. half of you guys didn’t even watch Transformers growing up anyways, especially you teenage kids…you guys had Spongebob. Lets touch base on some of the things people are complaining about. 


So the turtles aren’t what we are use to, the late 80’s cartoon look. Aprils yellow jumpsuit. Guess what? It’s 2014! The fuck is wrong with you? It was time for a makeover and yea, the original will always be the best, but as the years pass shit changes and we have to face fact that different people have a different perspective of these guys. 

Sure, Leonardo looks mad as hell, but its about time we get turtles with an attitude. Ones that look fierce and ready for battle at any given time. It was time for a more gritty and dark look, a more adult version of these guys.

maybe they could of done without the “NYC” button and vest Leo has above, Michelangelo’s surfer necklace or even Donatello’s shell looking like a R.T.O (Radio Telephone Operator for those of you who don’t know), but its all to show you each turtles characteristics. I wouldn’t  mind seeing plain turtles but this just adds more to the film itself. 

Bottom line is that they look meaner and ready to kick some serious ass. I will give the appearance of these guys a 8 out of 10.

Why CGI?:

This is pretty obvious. As much as we all enjoyed the turtles in the foam suits, lets be real, using that shit now would be terrible. What’s the big deal with computer graphics? Think about if Transformers didn’t have CGI, the movie would look like the final boss fight int eh fucking Power Rangers. What if the new Godzilla film didn’t use it? Might as well watch that BS from the 70’s.

The thing is, with CGI, you expand your horizons. There is only so much you can do with guys in suits. Think about all the movies that have been successful using computer graphics. The Avengers, Avatar, Transformers, The Amazing Spider-man, 300, The Matrix, I mean the list goes on. You can only go so far with real people until you run the risk of injuries or even death. With CGI you will be able to see these guys do more than what they would of been able to do from pulleys and strings.


This here is a bit eh…..While I don’t agree too much with the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil, I must say she needed to be portrayed by a beautiful girl, although her acting skills aren’t really all there, she can still pull it off. Will Arnett was a great choice though as Vernon Fenwick, I say they some what look alike.

William Fichtner is a good actor but casting him as Shredder is odd, especially since he was suppose to be Japanese, you know, Oroku Saki. That I don’t like, but cant wait to see how he plays the enemy of the turtles. Plus, the side shot of the suit looks pretty bad ass and on point.

Also we have Danny Woodburn playing Splinter, Whoopi Goldberg as Bernadette Thompson (April’s boss), Abby Elliot is Irma, K. Todd Freeman is playing Dr. Baxter Stockman and Minae Noji is Karai.

Story (Origin):

Short and simple, what? So April’s father and Shredder created the turtles? Yea, they could of definitely stuck with the original story, but eager to see why and how this came about. The good thing is they are sticking with the the green stuff as the reason why the turtles came about instead of the alien idea.

Overall I’m excited about this film. I have been waiting for another live action movie for so long and we finally have it. It may be different than what we expected, but it is way too soon to judge this movie, it was just a teaser trailer. Expected to be released August 8, 2014. 

Mar 30 '14

Think twice…

Mar 30 '14





lmfaoo is it really that hard to pee with morning wood

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Mar 20 '14

Streit Sick Graphix…is straight SICK, in a good way.

If you need a album/mixtape cover, flyers, party invites, logos or even just a touch up on a picture, hit up my boys at Streit Sick Graphix. Good prices and a job well done, check it out below:

…being a Cowboys fan, I’m diggin the Jason Witten picture! Shoot em a message and let them know what you want, I promise you wont be disappointed!!! 

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Jan 9 '14

Is this the next gen Aliens game we have been waiting for? Looks like it!

Alien Isolation is the name and it looks AMAZING! check out the screenshots and trailer below.

Link to trailer:

Dec 16 '13

Think about it…Cowboys Romo isn’t the problem


It’s been a while since I’ve been on this thing so why not start back up with my team, yes really, the Dallas Cowboys!

Chances are you have heard or even watched this season and it’s been a roller coaster just like every other season before this. Sitting at 7-7, the Cowboys are slowly watching their playoff hopes diminish right before them. Now, do they still have a chance? Yes, of course, but it’s a very slim chance to make it to the playoffs this year. It’s been a hurtful season and to be honest, I rather have them not make it than get embarrassed again. Like Peter Griffin, “what grinds my gears” is the fact that people still blame Tony Romo for every loss. I mean shit, when they win it’s all about team but when we get hit with an “L” its all because of Romo, right?

Why are we blaming this man for our losses? Why is he being made fun of and this and that? Comments about him being a terrible QB and choking. Well I will be here defending this man, why? Because I belive he is an elite QB. You ready? Let’s look at some stats, shall we?

Tom Brady:

Season (2013)- 23 TD, 10 INT, 4,049 yds with a rating of 88.1

Career- 48,858 yds, 357 TD, 133 INT with a rating of 95.9

Drew Brees:

Season (2013)- 34TD, 10 INT, 4500 yds with a rating of 104.0

Career- 50,419 yds, 358 TD, 175 INT with a rating of 95.1

Eli Manning:

Season (2013)- 16 TD, 25 INT, 3,410 yds with a rating of 69.7

Career- 34, 937 yds, 227 TD, 169 INT with a rating of 81.4

Aaron Rodgers:

Season (2013)- 15 TD, 4 INT, 2,218 yds with a rating of 108.0

Career- 23,879 yds, 186 TD, 50 INT and a rating of 105.2

Peyton Manning:

Season (2013)- 47 TD, 10 INT, 4,811 yds with a rating of 112.9

Career- 64,298 yds, 483 TD, 219 INT with a rating of 96.9

OK, look at those stats. These are the top QB’s in the NFL. Championship quarterbacks, right? Now lets look at Tony Romo’s Stats, hmmm…

Tony Romo:

Season (2013)- 3,602 yds, 29 TD, 9 INT with a rating of 96.6

Career- 29,339 yds, 206 TD, 100 INT with a rating of 95.8

Now…tell me again why he isn’t a good QB? Aside from not having a ring, the man is one of the BEST! Numbers don’t lie. In order based on career stats Romo falls in 3rd place with this group of QB’s only .1 behind Brady. The difference? He just hasn’t wont a Super Bowl, but guess what, it takes more than solid QB for a team to win it all.

None, of the players up above won the big game all by themselves. When these teams won they had a solid team, a complete team. A o-line that protected their quarterback and a defense that would make the stops they needed to help the offense, not a defense that screws the offense over. How the hell do you expect Romo to win every game when your defense is ranked 26th in pts per game, dead last at 32nd for pass yds per game and 31st on the rush defense? You dont win, you put your QB in a situation where he has to go out there and do anything he can to make up for a defense that cant stop a team for shit. This is the same defense that gave over 600 yds to the saints in the worst loss of the season. Here’s something else:

Troy Aikman:

Career- 165 TD, 141 INT, 32,942 yds with a rating of 81.6

Roger Staubach:

Career- 153 TD, 109 INT, 22,700 yds with a rating of 83.4

Romo is the greatest Dallas Cowboys QB in history. He is the least of our problems here. New o-line is needed, defense needs to be rebuilt and coaching staff needs changes as well. I think we can all agree though that our biggest change that needs to happen is at the owner position, Jerry, step down and get a real GM, one that knows the game.

I still believe Romo can get us there, but it wont happen if we dont fix what really needs to be fixed on this team.


Dec 16 '13
Aug 27 '13

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Jan 18 '13




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Jan 16 '13
Am I trippin? #dallasmavericks #mavsnation #ojmayo #denzelwashington #bookofeli

Am I trippin? #dallasmavericks #mavsnation #ojmayo #denzelwashington #bookofeli

Jan 15 '13
#newmusic #newartist #hiphop #rap #music #youredaman #newcity @2tiezs

#newmusic #newartist #hiphop #rap #music #youredaman #newcity @2tiezs

Jan 7 '13

Midas Touch! - 1/7/13

Datta Phuge of India went to the extreme to find a new mate by splashing out $230,000 on a shirt to “impress the ladies.” The all-gold shirt puts Slick Rick’s tawdry display of jewels to shame, as every square inch of the shirt is made of gold. The shirt also comes complete with matching cuffs and a set of rings crafted from leftover gold.

Phuge explained why he bought the shirt, revealing it was a long, thought-out dream of his.

“I know I am not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt? The gold shirt has been one of my dreams.”

He added, “It will be an embellishment to my reputation as the ‘Gold man of Pimpri’”